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KAPS GA Assembly 2007 and New Officers (Nicolle Comafay)
Open Day Celebration of the Kyoto City International Community House (Michael Delmo)
Selling Polvoron, Banana Cake and Barbeque Changes a Child’s Life (Benedict San Jose)

KAPS GA Assembly 2007 and New Officers by Nicolle Comafay

KAPS General Assembly 2007 The 2nd General Assembly (GA) of KAPS was held from July 28 to 29, 2007 at Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, at the residence of Fr. Tino Gallo. Nineteen KAPS members attended the 2-day affair, along with special guests Father Tino, Dr. Salvador Catelo and University of the Philippines professor Jorge Tigno; who gave inspirational talks and advice to the group.

The 2-day assembly started in the afternoon of July 28, 2007 with the accomplishment and financial reports for years 2006 and 2007 presented by former KAPS president Jose Camacho. This was followed by talks from the special guests and then a dinner buffet of Filipino dishes prepared by the members. After dinner, everyone went for a walk along Biwa Lake, Japan's largest, and enjoyed a game of charades. The evening ended with karaoke singing sponsored by the Con-con and Rhoda Namoco.

The next morning began with group planning sessions for new KAPS programs. These were later presented to the assembly. The 2007 GA then culminated with the election of new officers for 2007-2008.



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Open Day Celebration of the Kyoto City International Community House by Michael Delmo

KICH 2007 KAPS did it again! KAPS, with its commitment to the promotion of international understanding and cooperation, successfully initiated its first ever participation in the annual Open House event of the Kyoto International Community House held last November 11, 2007 in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. KAPS participation in the event was spearheaded by organization president Nicolle Comafay and with the overwhelming support of KAPS members.

The organization's involvement in the international fair included a showcase and sale of some Philippine cuisine like chicken barbeque, polvoron, and banana cake. The one day event drew in many Japanese and foreign visitors, many of them experiencing Philippine culture through its cuisine for the first time. The earnings from the event went to the KAPS fund to support its various activities and charity projects. KAPS is hoping that it can continue to get involved with this kind of international event more often to promote crosscultural communication among Filipinos, Japanese, and people from other countries.

The Kyoto City International Foundation holds the Open House Day of the Kyoto International Community House annually to promote cross-cultural communication between the people of Kyoto City and those of other cultures. It is held every November.

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Selling Polvoron, Banana Cake and Barbeque Changes a Child’s Life by Benedict San Jose

Indeed! Last year, KAPS' participation in Kyoto International Community House's annual Open House and sales of polvoron, chicken barbeque and banana cake; KAPS was able to raise funds to send a child in the Philippines to school. Aside from exposing the existence of KAPS to the Kyoto community, the said activity was organized as a fundraiser for the KAPS social outreach project through World Vision Philippines.

KAPS adopted a grade 3 school girl named Wenica, from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. She was born on September 19, 1996, likes to play badminton and her favorite subject is foreign language. Through World Vision Philippines, Wenica was given the chance to continue her studies despite the hardships her family is experiencing right now. The scholarship provides for Wenica’s tuition fees, school supplies, uniform and health care. World Vision Philippines provided KAPS a picture profile of Wenica and will also send annual progress reports on her studies as well as updates on the community where she lives.

World Vision Philippines recently celebrated its 50 years of mission work in the Philippines. The organization was founded when World Vision International started its mission in the Philippines in 1957 when they opened the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Guimaras Island.

With 450 Pesos a month, KAPS will be able to change a child’s life. Imagine sharing just 40 yen a day can give someone the opportunity to have a better life. We can only imagine the smile on Wenica’s face as she receives her first set of crayons, notebooks and uniform as she goes to school this year knowing that she has Kuya’s and Ate’s here in Kyoto. With the success of this activity, KAPS is looking at sponsoring another child for the following school year.

Sponsoring is easy even if one is outside of the Philippines since monthly donations can be made through bank fund transfer or credit card. If you want to know more or if you wish to sponsor a child through World Vision, you may visit their website for more details.

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