About KAPS

the birth of KAPSGeared towards the goal of upholding Filipino scholarship and the rich Pinoy heritage and culture, and with a strong bond, solidarity and common interest and aspiration that tie them as Filipinos and as scholars and ambassadors of goodwill in Kyoto, Japan, a group of Filipino scholars-students met on April 16, 2006 which gave birth to Kyoto Association of Pinoy Scholars (KAPS).

The group again held a meeting on 17 July 2006 at the house of Prof. Casilda Luzares and elected the following officers: President, Jose Camacho Jr.; Vice President, Nova Navo; Secretary, Ria Parsram; Chair, internal affairs, Rhoda Agdeppa; Chair, external affairs, Nicolle Comafay, Co-chair, Emily Antonio; Chair, finance committee, Roderick Bugador, Co-chair, Ryan Banal; Chairs, Publication & Information, Vincent Louie Tan, Consorcio Namoco. The advisers are Prof. Jojo Abinales, Prof. Ruth Carlos and Prof. Casilda Luzares.


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